"She is the incarnation of Aphrodite..."

Since she went indy, Jasmine has been busy. Her new location is bright, close to downtown, and decorated as though she had been a designer in her previous life. There's now room for her shoe collection. OMG she's tall enough already, but absolutely devastating when she answers the door in those platforms! The sexiest part of the woman is the mind. With Jasmine, one has the impression of an active intelligence animating her corporeal presence. I said 'lurks' in a previous review, but then, we had just met. I now know some more of her traits, and a few of her secrets. She was, and remains, the complete athlete, but she stands out from most of her gender with respect to her competitive drive, and her application of psychology. Yes, she has danced burlesque; God knows, it shows! An sp will let you have her, but an old-school courtesan makes one feel that he has beheld and touched a goddess, if only for a while. She is the incarnation of Aphrodite, and rare will be the man who does not leave her a piece of his heart. A womanly lady, with old-fashioned manners that hint of her education and breeding, she understands and satisfies a man's needs without neglecting her own. If this is a dream, I hope I never wake up.