"She is carnal, vocal, and indefatigable"

She is tall, has curly hair, and dark knowing eyes. Behind those eyes lurks an inquiring mind and a great sense of adventure.  Ah, such wisdom in one so young! How a twenty-something learned what she knows in such a short time is a miracle. She is carnal, vocal, and indefatigable.  You will not regret going down on such a sweet, tiny morsel. I did say, vocal above. DATY welcome. Digits, if clean, also welcome. Everything is safe, safe, safe.

If you have been looking for that rare combination of talent and class, then this is her cumming out party. I have no regrets in sharing this information, because she is too much woman for one mortal man. She may have set the record for the shortest recovery time between orgasms. Absolute zero. She can have one after another after another, and has never once told me to stop.