"...a beauty on a Grecian urn"

Intrigued by her photos and reviews, I requested a 90 minute, "get to know ya'" date!   This tall, all-natural goddess could pass for a beauty on a Grecian urn.   Insert Keats reference here.   The lady is unashamedly carnal, multiorgasmic, and vocal, at the same time never showing poor manners.   If you seek that rare combination of a duchess in the drawing room, and a tigress in the bedroom, then your search is over.   I'm going back to the ATM to make it spit out hundreds. then going back to her. 

"...all I can say is WOW"

I've seen Jasmine about a half dozen times now and all I can say is WOW.  

If you enjoy a passionate, responsive woman who truly enjoys her sexuality you are going to love Jasmine.  When she orgasms you can feel the muscles in her entire body ripple, and if you are willing to work at it you can keep them going back to back to back.  She's easy going, open to suggestions and real pleasure to spend time with.  I'd highly recommend a visit with her.

"...can't wait to taste those long legs again"

Had a wonderfully XXX delicious evening with her. Amazed the hell out of me with the erotic connection we had....simply  can't wait to taste those long legs again and to finish exploring every inch of her.  

"She is carnal, vocal, and indefatigable"

She is tall, has curly hair, and dark knowing eyes. Behind those eyes lurks an inquiring mind and a great sense of adventure.  Ah, such wisdom in one so young! How a twenty-something learned what she knows in such a short time is a miracle. She is carnal, vocal, and indefatigable.  You will not regret going down on such a sweet, tiny morsel. I did say, vocal above. DATY welcome. Digits, if clean, also welcome. Everything is safe, safe, safe.

If you have been looking for that rare combination of talent and class, then this is her cumming out party. I have no regrets in sharing this information, because she is too much woman for one mortal man. She may have set the record for the shortest recovery time between orgasms. Absolute zero. She can have one after another after another, and has never once told me to stop.

"...this is the complete package"

In my honest opinion, she is an extraordinary woman. Tall, with an athletic build, Jasmine has a beautiful, sexy body (cute face, nice tits, lovely ass, and long shapely legs) and a fun personality ...this is the complete package. And to top it all off, she loves sex.  One of the most beautiful things I have seen in a while was when we were going to the mish position, she just lay back and spread her legs as wide as they would go. What a spectacular pussy. I saw her for only a hour, but it was almost all non stop action. After I came, we chatted for several minutes and discovered that we have a few things in common.  I will be going back again to see the lovely Jasmine. Photos of Jasmine are quite accurate but photos don't tell the whole story. You have to see her to get the total picture. She was the most fun I have had in a while.

"...incredibly responsive, multi-orgasmic and very creative."

I've been seeing Jasmine weekly for the last six months or so, which is likely about as good as a review as I can give right there. She has a really nice body and incredibly soft skin, but an AMAZINGLY creative, sexy mind. I'd say her attitude is her major differentiator in a business filled with attractive women. She truly loves sex, is incredibly responsive, multi-orgasmic and very creative. Her lingerie and toy collections are extensive and she is open to lots of different role plays and activities. To be clear she is ultra safe, nothing uncovered, but that's a good thing in my mind. She loves bondage, toys, strap-on, duos(MMF/FFM), sensual play and can roll with everything from heavy dom type sessions to being your high school sweetheart. I think that's why I've enjoyed seeing her for so long as we just keep switching things up each week based on what we feel like. I think the key to enjoying your time with her would be to know what you are looking for and talk her at the start. I'd equate her to a high end sports car: you need to know how to drive to get the most out of her.  Unlike some tall women, everything is very well proportioned with Jasmine and her butt is just that perfect handful.  I've seen a lot of SPs over the decades but for me Jasmine is pretty special. 

"...definitely enjoys her sex."

Jasmine is another girl who definitely enjoys her sex. Quite tall in stature, Jasmine has a nice curvy body, with a pretty face. Incredibly flexible, despite her stature – she does this thing her legs when she’s on her back, borders on the splits... I thought it was quite impressive!

"...amazing service backed up with excellent skills"

 Jasmine is well reviewed on the [] board and I confirm those excellent reports.  Jasmine provides amazing service backed up with excellent skills. Would repeat and recommend. Pictures are a good match.

"If you want just pure sexual energy..."

Okay, I just have to say what a magician this woman is. What is most defining about Jasmine is what she can do with her body. You know those rare experiences where you are with a woman who wants to be with you, is anything but shy, mischievous and just an artist with her what her body does to you? This is what Jasmine makes you feel like has happened.  If you want just pure sexual energy with a woman who knows how to use her body, raises and lowers herself on you slowly and masterfully, then look no further. The hour with Jasmine was just that. She was unstoppable and when she knew I could not take anymore, just ground into me harder.  Jasmine made me feel amazing, desired, and was just fun to roll around with for the hour and share a laugh when I had to stop her grinding by literally tapping out.

"...very bright and engaging."

I really do not know what to say that has not already been said. She is as advertised, loves what she does, and it really shows! Not only is she a wonderful little sex doll but she is very bright and engaging. That may not matter to some but trust me it makes your time both more pleasurable and memorable.

"She is the incarnation of Aphrodite..."

Since she went indy, Jasmine has been busy. Her new location is bright, close to downtown, and decorated as though she had been a designer in her previous life. There's now room for her shoe collection. OMG she's tall enough already, but absolutely devastating when she answers the door in those platforms! The sexiest part of the woman is the mind. With Jasmine, one has the impression of an active intelligence animating her corporeal presence. I said 'lurks' in a previous review, but then, we had just met. I now know some more of her traits, and a few of her secrets. She was, and remains, the complete athlete, but she stands out from most of her gender with respect to her competitive drive, and her application of psychology. Yes, she has danced burlesque; God knows, it shows! An sp will let you have her, but an old-school courtesan makes one feel that he has beheld and touched a goddess, if only for a while. She is the incarnation of Aphrodite, and rare will be the man who does not leave her a piece of his heart. A womanly lady, with old-fashioned manners that hint of her education and breeding, she understands and satisfies a man's needs without neglecting her own. If this is a dream, I hope I never wake up.