"If you want just pure sexual energy..."

Okay, I just have to say what a magician this woman is. What is most defining about Jasmine is what she can do with her body. You know those rare experiences where you are with a woman who wants to be with you, is anything but shy, mischievous and just an artist with her what her body does to you? This is what Jasmine makes you feel like has happened.  If you want just pure sexual energy with a woman who knows how to use her body, raises and lowers herself on you slowly and masterfully, then look no further. The hour with Jasmine was just that. She was unstoppable and when she knew I could not take anymore, just ground into me harder.  Jasmine made me feel amazing, desired, and was just fun to roll around with for the hour and share a laugh when I had to stop her grinding by literally tapping out.