Not sure what's involved? Unclear on how to act? In order for us both to have the best possible time during your visit, please take a moment and read the following. I've covered the basics that any SP would expect of her clients, but if you still have got questions feel free to email me.

Communication is key. The more you discuss with me prior to our time together, the better I can provide you with the services you are most interested in. This also helps to avoid any misunderstandings.

Notification – The earlier that I get your request for an appointment, the better chances you will have of getting the appointment time you want. The earlier I get your request for a specific booking time and date, the better our chances are going to be of meeting at your ideal time.

Timeliness is extremely important. If you are early, please have a seat at the nearby coffee shop; please do not loiter outside of my building. If you are going to be late, you must contact me and let me know. I am, like all of us, a busy person. Please show me respect by letting me know that you will be delayed. Similarly, if you have to cancel, the more notice the better. I understand that sometimes life happens and our plans can change suddenly. That said, please keep in mind: I will not make a second date with you if you stand me up. To be fair, would you go on a second date with a girl who stood you up? I wouldn't either. I'm worth more, and so are you.

Limitations – No means no. Full stop. There are two things I won't do: greek and bareback (anything!). I have zero tolerance for bullshit in the bedroom. My safety is my number one concern. Your safety is my number two concern. Beyond that, I'm really quite open to discussion. But if you've asked, and I've said no, don't push the subject. Don't ask again. Your one warning is this: insult me, bore me, hurt me or ignore me and it'll be the last time you'll ever see me.

Donations – Donations are handled at the beginning of our time together. Negotiating for different rates at this point will get you nowhere but right back out the door. If there was a girl who offered the services you are looking for at a price that you are willing to pay, please visit with her, enjoy your time and stop wasting mine. I would like to get back to enjoying sex.

Hygiene – Cleanliness is sexy. Skin, hair, teeth: the basics. A clean body is a body that I want to play with, touch and get close to. I do have the facilities for you to clean up before and after our time together, but I prefer when you arrive fresh and clean. Now, if you've been at work all day, getting worked up for our impending date, then by all means, feel free to grab a quick shower. But if you've just come from a muddy soccer field, or are carrying your fishing gear... that's just not sexy.

Allergies – I have none. If you have ANY you must tell me about them. Safety is crucial!